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  1. Thank you for your work Lynn Irwin on behalf of his NZ descendants Decimus Woodgate is my 3rd gr grandfather.

  2. This morning, while at the historic churchyard of St Georges Anglican Church at Meadows, I noticed the recently installed informative plaque on the grave of George Dashwood. And it occurs to me that there is scope for another plaque on the nearby grave of another notable early figure:-

    For several years I have been tending the double grave of Decimus Woodgate (died 1875) and his widow Gertrude Woodgate, on behalf of their descendants, my daughter-in-law (nee Maria Woodgate,) and her family, who live in NSW.

    I have found various references to him as surveyor of the Echunga, Meadows, and Ashbourne regions. And I believe he was surveryor for and influential in the construction of St Georges. I also saw reference to the fact that he and Gertrude lived at one stage at Mawson Rd Meadows, very close to the site of the church. I think Gertrude his widow, lived in Echunga after his death.

    The headstone on their grave is very low, in fact is a stone firmly anchored on the ground, very weathered, and it’s extremely difficult to decipher the name “Woodgate.” I think it would be overlooked by anyone who didn’t know of it or have a family connection. I do think that an informative plaque regarding this figure who was so influential in the settlement of the area, could be of benefit and interest to history buffs and the general community alike.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lynn Irwin.

    1. Hi Lynn,
      I have lived in Meadows for the last 28 years. I am the great great great nephew of Decimus Woodgate. His nephew Herbert is my great great grandfather. My brother and I have been wondering for a number of years who has been tending the grave of Decimus and Gertrude. Decimus has always been the basis for many family discussions since I was a kid because he “had a past” as the saying goes. Get in touch by all means if you want.
      Best Regards,
      Andrew West

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