Harvest Thanksgiving

On the fifth Sunday of the month the various congregations of the Parish usually join together for a combined service. On Sunday 29 January, instead of being at one of the churches in Strathalbyn, Meadows, Langhorne Creek or Milang, the service was held at the Blackwell’s home in Lake Plains and followed by a barbecue lunch in very pleasant surroundings.

The various congregations were well represented and a number of members took part in the readings and in leading the prayers. The theme of the service was that we should give thanks for the blessings we have received, that we should care for the environment and share with those in need.

Most of those present were able to share in the wonderful lunch which between courses included the auction of the harvest gifts to raise funds to support the ministry of the Pantry Club in Strathalbyn. Afterwards there seemed to be no hurry to leave but eventually we had to drag ourselves away and return to everyday life

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