Christmas Pageant Concert

This year the Strathalbyn Inter-Church Council took on the challenge of providing the entertainment following the annual Christmas Pagent. A large crowd was present on the lawns beside the Angas River for a concert featuring local artists before the evening concluded with a fantastic fire-works display. The organisers and performers deserve our thanks for the effort they put into the arrangements for the evening.

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The Alexandrina Singers

New Look at Christ Church



The Parish Church of Strathalbyn has embarked on a major refurbishment of the church’s interior recently, and at the time of writing a new sound system has been installed and is currently operative, with all wiring now concealed under new flooring laid throughout the Nave. The Sound Desk and Keyboard have been moved from the front of the Nave and re-positioned to the back of the Church. This major shift also included relaying the Nave flooring to not only hide all wiring, but importantly to bring the flooring onto one level for safety considerations for the congregation when entering the church and into pews. The new Sound System and wiring installation have been upgraded to prepare for any future enhancements such as video projector and screen.

Christchurch clergy and parishioners are indebted to the whole team, particularly Lyall Pfeiffer and Keven Clonan pictured above, whose expertise and labour have brought us this far. The next step, already well in hand, is a complete redecoration of the interior and new carpeting to be laid throughout. This refurbishment has included the positioning of a new Church Notice Board in a modern design, welcoming all to the worship of our Lord.

Rev. David Smith