Pastoral Support Workers (School Chaplains)

This year’s AGM of the Chaplaincy Support Committee was held on 16th September in the Church of Christ Hall, and a goodly gathering from Strathalbyn Churches was in attendance with yours truly representing our Anglican Church..

Our Chaplains do a fantastic job throughout the year, and are supported through the ICC (Inter Church Council). Their individual Reports were presented to the AGM of the Chaplaincy Support Committee under the Chairmanship of retired Church of Christ Minister, Grahame Daniel. The Reports gave a detailed account of the work they do with the schoolchildren and staff at Callington School, Strathalbyn Yr 7-12 Campus, Strathalbyn R-6 Campus, Milang and Ashbourne Campuses.

There is a certain amount of Federal funding which is annually reviewed, and has in fact been reduced in recent years, and the Fundraising of all our Churches is vital to continue to finance this work, and is very much appreciated.

I have full copies of each Chaplains Report for anyone interested, and I have to say I was very impressed with the scope of work undertaken, and the obvious commitment that our Chaplains have on our behalf. I am more convinced than ever that although our PSWs are now not allowed to evangelise as such, our Lord is certainly working through them to reach our ‘Future Church’ with love.

I have to say that the contacts that all of the PSWs have made at all the schools are appreciated and without exception are well received from the feedback from the School Staff and others. Individual Pastoral support where appropriate, helping in some classroom activities, and many examples of Breakfast Clubs and Lunchtime help, as well as some extra-curricular all figure in their weekly workload.

Please continue to pray for Andrew, Jacqui, Kaye, Arthur and Kerry, and on behalf of Chairman Grahame, the Chaplains and the whole Support Committee, I pass on thanks to all in our Church Community who continue to give financial support.

I hope and pray that not only will this vital work continue, but perhaps we can, with God’s help, think of expanding and increasing the hours for our Chaplains.

Rev. David Smith

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