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Our first House of Hospitality in the Diocese:
7 East Terrace, Strathalbyn:
“What I dream of secretly is something very simple and very small, something like the very simple first communities of the early days of the church… ” (Charles de Foucauld)

Bishop John says: The idea of the development of a network of houses of hospitality across the Diocese of the Murray is with the expressed intention that if we are to allow God to bring growth to his Church in our Diocese, it is more likely to come from small beginnings, like the holy home at Nazareth, and that these small communities of faith should seek to grow in such a way that an intentional formational community takes root in which people can:
Encounter Christ
Be formed by Christ
Follow Christ
Be sent by Christ with the Good News of the Kingdom

Let us pray for our first house of hospitality – that our doors may always be open to all without judgement, our hands open to help the needy and our hearts open with the love of God.

Dear friends from around the Diocese,

We do ask that you pray with us for our House of Hospitality in Strathalbyn as we seek the guidance of God’s Spirit in the way ahead.

There is a continual cycle of prayer at the Rectory House of Hospitality and anyone is welcome to join with us in one of the daily prayer times.

Morning prayer is 8am and Evening Prayer 5pm.  There will also be midday prayer and compline in the evening and anyone staying in the house at those times is welcome to join us.

Each Thursday morning there will be a time of meditation, reflection, silence after the Morning Prayer en france viagra.

Every second Thursday evening (starting on April 7th) Evening Prayer will be at 6pm followed by a time of prayer and intercession for the community, parish and diocese.

Quiet days with meditation, intercession and Bible reflection will be offered regularly and if you are interested we can notify you of dates and times of these as they are organised.

Ministry in the community of Strathalbyn and surrounds – the House of Hospitality is a house where people can come to sit, chat, drink tea/coffee or have some breakfast, potter in the garden, do a jigsaw, play music, join in the prayers or not, talk about God or not…;


The Southern Area of the Third Order of St Francis (TSSF South Australian Region) is also gathered around the Rectory House in Strath so anyone who is interested in Franciscan Spirituality or indeed anything Franciscan is welcome to come to those meetings!  This group in the south has only recently begun so we will have our first gathering in a month or so…


Please pray for us as there is much to do and prepare but we are very aware that without Jesus, we can do nothing…

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5)


May the Lord show us the way in all we undertake, and please pray for us to listen and follow with humility, love and joy…


Pax et bonum (peace and good),

Marg (Margo) TSSF



We should seek not so much to pray but to become prayer… (St Francis)


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