Happy Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival at St John's
Harvest Festival at St John’s

Sunday 31 January was a lovely day and a happy group of parishioners from all parts of the parish gathered at St John’s Langhorne Creek to celebrate our Harvest Festival. We sang some of our old favourite harvest hymns and admired the splendid array of gifts which were arranged at the front of the church.

Following the service we went on to Barry Potts’ place for a shared lunch, great conversation and the auction of some of the more perishable gifts.

At this time of the year the harvest of cereal crops is complete and the paddocks are littered with bales but the grape harvest is just beginning, an important time for folk in Langhorne Creek.

Our Harvest Gifts
Our Harvest Gifts

2 Replies to “Happy Harvest Festival”

  1. What a truly memorable harvest service on 31st. Jan. An impressive array of goods to forwarded on to charity. Great fun and fellowship at the Potts’ home afterwards. Kate

  2. Great service, great interaction with each other but the thing that impressed me the most was the way in which the church was decorated. Just like the old fashioned Harvest Festival photos in books. A wonderful display by those involved.

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